Friday, April 27, 2007

New technology

Finally time to enter some more information. As was predicted I have been loosing sleep regularly in the last few months...

Results are quite nice though! I have implemented 3 different full-text search database engines in the mean-time, and have finally found one that can truly handle the data volume with the required high speed insert and query that is necessary for a site like this. MS-Sql Server and MySql could'nt handle it at all, so I have now implemented a Lucene open-source implementation, and it is working like a charm!

Watching the statistics has shown that at the current stage I am getting around 500 page-views from around 350 unique visitors on a daily basis. This means that the site has grown roughly 3.5 times as big since the previous post, and that is promising for the future!

As told before I still have many plans with this site, and I am actively constructing more functionality as you are reading this. Soon there will be more to see!


Monday, February 19, 2007



this technique actually seems to start working, somewhat to my surprise I might add....
After reading more then 4 million feed-messages (yes, I believe I now have the largest online collection of feedmessages in the world) from allmost 400.000 feeds, the results are slowly but surely surfacing. Today I received nearly 100 unique generic visitors from google, from search queries I had never thought off before! This is very interesting technology indeed!!

One strange thing that has surfaced is the way google actually operates internally; when checking the content for, google shows about 7000 pages in the index, but when searching for payday loan only in the domain google returns more then 24.000 hits on the site! This is quite strange if you ask me.

Anyhow, I have upgraded the site with some better usability, and have added the functionality to register your own feed in my database. I am still working on the scanning algorithm and working hard to make it more scalable (one machine cannot cope with this volume, trust me!)

So, untill the searching and scanning algorithms are perfect, I will be missing out on a lot of sleep I guess ^_^


Monday, January 29, 2007

Extending the possibilities

Whilst optimizing the algorithms for news gathering to ensure high speed growth of the information contained in the database, I have developed an automatic tagging mechanism.

Searching the internet for an alternative has only given me headaches, it seems nobody has actually cracked the noodle on this subject accept people not willing to share. This not being my style, the functionality will be made available at no charge very shortly. Apart from being free and usefull for tagging your content, I will add a bonus in the form of a tag-cloud that can be used on your websites, weblogs etc., and that will automatically update it's contents based on the content on the destination page.
Sounds cool huh?

Even more futures will be added to this free tagcloud service, but they are unique as far as my knowledge goes, and so I will save the details for immediately after their release. i am sure you will appreciate the new type of tagcloud I am about the unfold, so be sure to check out this blog often......

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Source of traffic

The source of internet traffic from anonymous users lies mainly in search-engines as everybody understands. On a daily basis multiple 100's of millions searches are performed through the most popular search engines alone. Getting traffic from the search engines can be achieved in several different ways, often referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

One way of generating traffic is to create a website that has actual value for your visitors; this could mean you provide unique insight into specific subjects, or you collect and republish information on subjects that people find valuable (one great example of the latter being using this technique you are effectively aiming at getting returning visitors.

Another method would be to stuff all your pages with keywords, titles and content that are perfectly matched and geared towards specific subjects. This will result (if you have done it succesfully) in many hits from search engines on the subject, since you will appear high in the search results based on the content you have provided. This kind of traffic is mostly anonymous, and is usually non-returning.

The solution I have chosen to apply to is a combination of the 2 methods fore-mentioned. By offering a usefull tool for finding messages in a great multitude of rss-feeds, I am creating the possibility of returning visitors, whilst on the other hand I am creating an enormous amount of search engine optimized pages for a large number of subjects by scanning the web for interesting articles, feeds, etc for the subject. This other method is geared towards anonymous users, visiting the website from very different search queries.

The idea is still to generate as much traffic as possible, in a fully automated SEO optimized website that is selfmananiging. In later posts I will fill you in about some of the techniques used to accomplish this.

Untill next time!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome to this blog

I figured that starting with this blog would be easiest done with a small introduction of its purpose, so, here goes;

In many years of developing enterprise systems for large companies I have researched all sorts of internet initiatives, technologies and techniques. About a year ago I stumbled across the concept of MLM on the internet. Around this concept many websites exist, as well as e-books, specialized software and websites, etc. The only purpose for these initiatives seems to be to make money from the internet with as little money invested as possible...
A lot is promised by these initiatives, most prominently amongst them are making a lot of money from home, and investing very little time and money. In reality this all sounds to good to be true when you are thinking about it with any sanity at all.....but there is a point nonetheless..

Most initiatives will focus on how easy it is to get started in this 'business', and will show their prospected customers dazzling income figures for the near future. Ofcourse, the truth of the matter is (as it has allways been with Multi Level Marketing or MLM techniques) that the people high in the pyramid of these organisations make the real money while the people low in the organisation are doing all the work for them, believing they are at a high position in the organisation themselves.

These initiatives did not really grab me, but soon enough I found that another one had potential I had not thought of before. The idea behind such other initiatives is to create a website for the sole purpose of generating a ton of traffic, leading to a lot of money from advertisements on the website. Simple, clean and true.

After thinking about these 'traffic generators' for a while I decided I would give it a try and see if there was some sort of optimum to be achieved. Mind you, this was not started as a money making machine, more a research project on my personal behalf. Ofcourse, if the experiment succeeds, money will be generated, and I will not wave it away :-) The point is that I set out to invest a lot of time and money into trying to proof to myself that such traffic magnets can be built in ways not seen before.

It is from this line of thought that I started out to build
It is my personal shot at generating traffic from all over the world, and I am actively expanding it's possible uses. This weblog is intended to be my diary, outlining my lines of thougt, progress, etc.

I hope you enjoy reading it, and am awaiting any comments on the concepts and ideas behind it.